Wood Gazebos

A Gazebo is enchanting it brings a certain charm to any setting. The allure of a Gazebo invites you to sit awhile and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Its sure to bring you many happy memories.

*Custom designs available in addition to the styles shown here, we can combine some gazebo elements in combinations to suit your taste to create that one of a kind Gazebo especially for you.

No1 Standard Octagon. No 2 Octagon Classic No 5 Octagon Victorian No 3 Octagon Superior No 17 Octagon Heritage No 10 Octagon Pagoda No 4 Octagon Deluxe No 18 Octagon Victorian Pagoda No 11 Superior Pagoda No 6 Octagon Elegant No 9 Rectangle No 12 Rectangle Pagoda No 8 Standard Oval No 16 Oval No 15 Standard Oval Pagoda No 14 Oval Pagoda